Voddie Baucham Sermon October 28 2020 – The Rescuer

Voddie Baucham Sermon October 28 2020 – The Rescuer , another mind blowing sermon , share with your friends , note that you can request for Free PDF File.

Name Of Preacher: Voddie Baucham
Sermon Topic: The Rescuer
Date Published: October 28 2020

Summary: Voddie Baucham Sermon October 28 2020 – The Rescuer

We all love a happy ending but there’s a legitimate reason why He doesn’t want you going back that direction. Don’t force what doesn’t fit in your future & call it fate.

Don’t bring along things that weren’t originally invited to exit with you. Simply move on and STAY gone. If God blocks it, realize that He did it for a reason.

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He sees the long term pain and believes you’re worth protecting now. Understand when God closes a door, your blessing left with the closure so there’s nothing beneficial for you to stick around to see.

Don’t breach your blessing by running back to the things God is blocking you from hurting yourself on again.

You are a protected asset and God wants to take you higher so be okay with a couple of “no’s” before receiving His best “yes” yet. Be patient… your future is worth the wait.

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