Todd White Sermon October 28 2020 – A Hunger For God

Todd White Sermon October 28 2020 – A Hunger For God , This is quite a motivational sermon , kindly share and request for the PDF Free file of this sermon.

Name Of Preacher: Todd White
Sermon Topic: A Hunger For God
Date Published: October 28 2020

Refrain: Todd White Sermon October 28 2020 – A Hunger For God

Get ready; God is about to loose you from the sickness, loose you from the pain, loose you from the depression. It is His will that you be free. Now, make sure you’re in agreement.

“Lord, I recognize that this sickness did not come from You. You give good things to Your children.

I know You want to heal me. Lord, thank You that healing is coming, freedom is coming, victory is coming.”

Sometimes it may seem like the enemy has you surrounded and there’s no hope in sight, but don’t let what you see naturally scare you because angels have been assigned to you, all with the goal of victory.

Understand that there’s no army greater than your God, so even though the enemy forms their purpose will never prosper.

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Stop getting all worked up by the assembly of your enemies, if you’d only knew how many angels were standing in the gap on your behalf you’d be rejoicing about your impending victory.

If you can’t see that the odds are in your favor ask God to open your eyes to see that help has already arrived. You are blessed so more stress about what the enemy is doing, our God is ALWAYS one step ahead and may your eyes be enlightened to see it.

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