Joyce Meyer Sermon October 28 2020 – What Do You Think

Joyce Meyer Sermon October 28 2020 – What Do You Think , This powerful message is now availble in Free PDF , Request yours , Many will be blessed today.

Name Of Preacher: Joyce Meyer
Sermon Topic: What Do You Think
Date Published: October 28 2020

Refrain: Joyce Meyer Sermon October 28 2020 – What Do You Think

Keep a good attitude when you’re in the waiting room, when doors are closing, when others are being promoted and it seems like you’re being bypassed.

Your time is coming. There’s a birth in your future. It’s something bigger than you’ve imagined, something that you weren’t expecting.

When you stay faithful in the waiting room, honoring God, He will give you the land. That means you won’t have to make it happen in your own strength. God will give you the position, give you the spouse, give you the influence.

Sometimes it’s better to keep your plans to yourself especially if you’re surrounded by people who can’t see or value the calling of greatness you have on your life.

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Dreams often die because we spoke them to the wrong audiences and they were rejected by those who were afraid to even bet on themselves.

The Bible reminds us to give our plans to God and He will establish you, which is perfect proof that plans need to be released in heaven before it’s presentable on earth.

Be patient and at the right time God will pull back the curtain and take your plans public.

Don’t let another dream die before the eyes of blind people, bring them to God so that He can add glory to your story.

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